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Max is one of Britiains most well known Trans people, due in part to a role in Channel Four's hit TV Series 'My Transsexual Summer' and their regular appearances in the media and at LGBTQ events advocating for Transgender people. 

Bookings and Favours!

It has been my honour to be a Patron of the Charity Gendered Intelligence for almost a year now, their work with Transgender Youth is an example to us all and I continue to draw inspiration from their dedication. I have also worked with other Charities including  becoming a Spokesperson for the Broken Rainbow Domestic Abuse Helpline for Transgender people. I am a founding member of Queer and Transgender Jews UK and continue to manage the day to day administration.

Despite my hectic schedule I am sometimes available to take on extra charity and advocacy work, as well as make the occasional appearance. If you would like to contact me about any of the above please do so at maxwellzachs@gmail.com. For issues directly related to Queer and Trans Jew UK please contact me on transgenderjews@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Maxwell I accept you and your choices though that shouldn't matter to you. But who am I to tell you what should and should not matter to you. Anyway. I got your petition and I am about to sign it. I reacted to one thing which was "My gender is not an illness, it's part of me like being Jewish or vegetarian!" which I don't agree with. Your gender is so much more than a choice. You can chose to be a vegetarian or religious. But what gender you feel comfortable in and how you want to be seen is completely different to what you choose to eat or warship.
But that is just my opinion of course :) Stay strong! xx Rickard

Max Zachs said...

Hi Rickard,

I understand what your using to say but I identify as transgender/gender queer and i do feel like i actively chose my gender, personally I don't place much stock in biological determinism i.e. born this way. For myself i believe I was born without gender or with a fluid gender and what I am now i have chosen.

As for being Jewish, this is defintely something i was born with, it is completely inalienable. I would die rather than let someone take it from me- unlike gender which is something i often change and play with Judaism is the one constant in my life.

As for vegetarian well people who aren't vegetarians perhaps don't understand, but killing animals for food is deeply reprehensible to me, I would be just as unlikely to kill and animal as i would a person. Although i can see most people don't feel this way about animals I do, its part of me that I cannot change.

Looking at my life i think my Judaism and my vegetarianism are excellent examples of parts of myself that make me who I am because without them i would not be me.

Hope this explains!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
I was a big fan of My Transsexual Summer since wondering if this may be the case for me.
I came onto your blog after signing the petition and find the above comments interesting. I can relate to being born without a gender and maybe choosing.
A lot of people say they felt trapped in their body and always acted like the other gender.
Hearing your story on MTS about being really girly but much more happy as a man is something i related to.
As a biological girl i have always been rather girly but feel i may be more comfortable as a male. Was this the case for you?
Thanks x

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
I love the show. Loved watching you.

A funny story springs to mind which I'd like to share with you, so here it is.

I was at a Bris (Jewish circumcision) with my family. Traditionally men are at the front with the Rabbi and the baby about to be circumcised, and women are at the back. Just as things kick off my 4 year old daughter (now 22) dashes up to the front to watch. After witnessing the whole spectacle, she rushes back to me and says.....WOW I get it now. You are born a boy, and then your parents get to choose.

Good luck to you Max. Wish you Mazel and happiness.