Aug 6, 2013

Short Trip to Norway!

How very excited I am today! Just got a lovely ticket sent to me from the kind people at Oslo Queer Fest who booked me to perform. I've never been to Norway before which is the country that my great grandparents where born in so it feels very cool to be going. I have also never travelled long distance on a train before, or crossed an international border on anything other than a plane (except the time I put my finger through the fence into Lebanon but thats a story for another time!). Theres something awfully romantic about travelling a long way on a train, at least in my head, probably it will be very organised and sterile- very Swedish! 
Either way, feels pretty cool to be taking my ukulele on tour again! Sadly none of my friends seem like they will be able to accompany me so I will have to navigate everything on my own. Feels a bit tough since I already struggle so much to read things when the signs are in English- its ten times worse when everything is written in foreign but there you go, life as a blind person is very glamourous... Not. 

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Alex said...

How was it? Since you posted another note I guess you are still alive and came back in glory from the Norway. How did You like it?
I wish I was there, I miss you and your ukulele :(