Aug 12, 2013

Getting away to Nynäshamn

I just came back from an amazing weekend mini-break in Nynäshamn and I feel all kinds of wonderful. Nynäshamn is a smallish town about an hours train ride from Stockholm city centre, its very easy to get to since the trains are new, modern and run on time. Even better is that you can use your regular SL Access metro card to get there and get about once you get there, so if like me you try and save money by buying a weekly or monthly metro pass then you can get all your travel at no extra cost!  

Nynäshamn is really quite beautiful, its a port town with a little harbour and lots of sailing boats moored up in its many many marinas. It also has some quite spectacular spas and hotels which exude an old worldly charm. Fortunately you don't need to be a millionaire yacht owner spa-goer to enjoy the beauty, in fact, for a town with a particularly high marina and spa to local resident ratio it is gloriously unpretentious. Probably this has something to do with the fact that most of the people who go to Nynäshamn are Swedish, the bossy German and screaming Spanish tourists are yet to find this jewel of a place.

Nynäshamn, like most of Greater Stockholm, has an excellent public transport network so if you're not sailing then you can easily rely on the buses to get you around. You can check bus timetables here or simply pop along to the tourist information located so close to the train station that even a blind fool like me couldn't miss it. Nynäshamn has retained its small town charm and you can expect a jolly conversation from the staff at the tourist office as well as excellent directions and recommendations. Of particular interest to the curious traveller are some of Nynäshamn's Rune Stones which sit very casually on the sides of roads and pathways as if they aren't 2000 year old artefacts of great importance.

My companions and I opted for a little adventure and decided to take our bikes with us. You can take bikes on the Pendletag (commuter trains) as long as its not during rush hour and as long as you get on at a station other than T-centralen.

In  Nynäshamn you can camp for up to three nights pretty much anywhere you like that isn't a public road or a private back garden so we loaded ourselves up with tents, sleeping bags, a camp stove and as many bars of chocolate as we could fit in our backpacks and set off into the great unknown... Well it would've been the great unknown if we didn't all have GPS maps and smart phones. What I liked best about our travel plans was that we didn't really have any, we opted to cycle south down the coast until we found a spot we liked and after about half an hour we decided we were thirsty (and I really needed a cigarette) so we stopped on a little jetty for a rest. While the others has a swim, I ventured off into the woods and found the secret spot. The secret spot is a private secluded stone beach protected on two sides by some small cliffs and surrounded by beautiful green forest and wild heather. Right now it is my favourite place in the whole world. Every now and then a person with a dog would pass by in the trees and at one point a fisherman came and stood on one of our cliffs for awhile but for the most part we were completely alone.

Swedish water is a little on the cold side for me, I'm used to the warmer waters of the pacific but I still managed to get a few good swims in, that is when I wasn't soaking up the incredible sun shine and afternoon heat in the late 20's (Celsius of course!). I even looked in the mirror this morning to observe some sun burn across the top of my head, I guess it will take me a while to get used to being a bald man.

So that was my weekend, sun, sea, and stones instead of sand. Its a little sad to be back inside but I cannot wait to get back to our secret beach and pick up where we left off!

I fully recommend this free brochure to anyone looking for a cheap/free holiday in Greater Stockholm


Alex said...

FOR THE SWEET LOVE OF GOD..I cannot decide if I am super jealous or super happy that you had such a wonderful time. Probably both things at the same time.
Why You didn't post any pictures of this glorious secret spot that you found? Come on! We want to see... ;DDD

Tiara said...